Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stardate 91551.61--Captain's Log

I have succumbed to the Vulcan Chest Plague, though it seems to have dwindled to a minor scourge. If the crew expected to mount their mutiny while I was down, having caught it last, they were sorely mistaken.

I am grateful for Nurse Bibeau's assistance yesterday. The crackle in the Chief Engineer's lungs is, no doubt, clearing up sooner because of her early intervention. I am skeptical of the hot toddy provided by the Morale Officer, though the Chief Engineer was seen attempting to recreate the concoction in the galley in the wee hours. (jk) Must see about increasing security around the liquor cabinet. (also, jk)

Note to the Ship's Counselor: Echinacea ineffective against Vulcan Chest Plague.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stardate 91548.87--Captain's Log, Supplemental

It appears that the Chief Engineer has not been playing hooky for the last couple of weeks--he really did have the beginnings of pneumonia, and a nasty ear infection to boot. He is now medicated and, hopefully, resting. The Science and Com Officers turned in early, both hoping to escape the worst of the Vulcan illness, having already successfully avoided the Klingon one. The young Ensign is less willing to submit to wisdom, but I'm attempting to get her to bed now. I'm sure this will not be my last log entry. But disaster, and mutiny, have been averted...for now.

Stardate 91548.87--Chief Engineer's Log

The main ship computer is operating well below half capacity, and is inexplicably speaking in Barry White's voice, rather than Majel Barrett's.

Stardate 91548.87--Captain's Log

The Vulcan Chest Plague lingers, and claims another victim: Com Officer still abed. Is she feigning? Will she survive? Is she...the last? 

Two cranberry Sprites burst on the galley floor while the Science Officer was assembling his lunch. Sometimes I think my crew makes more work for me to distract from the mutiny they are planning. Must. Stay. Alert.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stardate 91546.14--Captain's Log, Supplemental

The Chief Engineer has ventured out of the house to drive the Com Officer to her extracurricular activity. We cannot know what havoc this may wreak on his recovery, but we must. try. The Ensign seems still to be in the grip of the Vulcan Chest Plague. I have been informed that the Death Flu is Klingon in origin. I am left to wonder why, if those infernal Vulcans could eliminate emotions and flu on their world, they could not also eliminate this wretched cold virus.

Stardate 91546.14--Captain's Log

The Vulcan Death Flu seems to be running its course. My Chief Engineer may have spent more time sleeping than coughing last night--still awaiting his report. The Ensign is coughing, but no fever, vomiting, or velociraptor/pterodactyl screeching. Perhaps we are on the mend.